Vashon Island House Keeping Standard Cleaning

Vashon Island House Cleaning

Fast, efficient and trusted. Our trusted, hardworking island based home cleaners are fast and thorough. Bring them in for just one cleaning and you will want to have them back every month! BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM & COMMON AREAS Sweep and

Vashon Island House Keeping Deep Cleaning

Vashon Island House Deep Cleaning

Detailed, deep cleaning services. Perfect for spring cleaning or just before an important event. Let our Vashon based cleaning team come in and make your house sparkling and ready for your special day! BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM & COMMON AREAS Sweep

Vashon Island Vacation Rental Cleaning

Vashon Island Vacation Rental Cleaning

Vashon Island vacation rental cleaning services Cleaning before rental Cleaning after rental Emergency cleaning

Vashon Island Housekeeping - Move in Move out cleaning services for Real Estate

Vashon Island Move In – Move Out Cleaning

Vashon Island move in and move out cleaning services. BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM & COMMON AREAS Sweep and mop floors Vacuum carpet and rugs Dusting Clean mirrors Take out the trash Stove cleaning Empty and clean trash cans Wipe door handles

Vashon Island Housekeeping - Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

We provide a varieity of carpet cleaning services including: Standard Carpet Cleaning Mold Remediation Upholstery Cleaning Carpet Order Control Water Damage Restoration Carpet Color Control Tile and Grout Cleaning Carpet Repair

Vashon Island Housekeeping - Mold Remediation and treatment

Vashon Island Mold Remediation

Vashon mold and toxic cleaning. Give us a call for a bid. Highly technical work that requires a certification.


To be the best, most referred house cleaning company on Vashon Island.

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Our Team

We a small team of island folks who wanted to create a great cleaning service that does NOT do business on "island time".

Sean McVeigh - Operator of Vashon Island Housekeeping

Sean McVeigh


After researching Facebook groups, Yelp Reviews and Google, Sean noticed that there was a gap between what is expected in a cleaning service off island and the cleaning services on island. He decided to find the best cleaners on the

Charlie Smack

Operations Manager

Charlie has been the operations manager for a cleaning business here on Vashon for over 30 years. Charlie has a knack for thinking ahead and anticipating what our customers want and need. He is great at finding creative solutions to

Cleaning Team Bravo - Vashon Island Housekeeping

Cleaning Team Bravo

Cleaning Team Bravo

Cleaning Team Bravo has been cleaning Vashon Island homes for years. Reliable and trustworthy, Cleaning Team Bravo is our go-to housekeeping team. Their strength is in their attention to detail.

Our Clients

View our top brands and happy clients, fully satisfied with our service.

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What Our House Cleaning Clients’ Say

Vashon Island Housekeeping has been a heaven sent! They save me so much time and my house has never looked better. They let me know when they are on their way, and I get a text when they are done. Love the service!

Dennis McVeigh
Vashon Island Home Owner
Dennis McVeigh

Getting a new listing on the market ASAP is important. Knowing I can trust Vashon Island Housekeeping to come in before a sale takes a TON of stress off by back. They are my secret weapon for selling homes on the island.

Real Estate Agent
Vashon Island Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent


Actual costs might vary a bit from job to job due to the fact that rooms might be larger or smaller. Regardless, we will give you a great deal on an excellent cleaning!

Standard House Cleaning

$100 2 Cleaners 2 Hours
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room

Deep Cleaning

$180 2 Cleaners
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room

Move In/ Move Out

$200 Kitchen Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Junk Removal